Pneumatic valve of the common problems and solutions

Symptoms Check item Solution Pneumatic valve can not move 1. Solenoid valve is normal, the coil is burned, the solenoid valve is stuck stolen goods Change the solenoid valve, coil replacement, clear stolen goods 2. The actuator single-unit gas supply inspection, Is normal work, such as cylinder piston blow-gas, cylinder and end cap or shaft leakage, etc., open the actuator to check whether the seal has been damaged, the cylinder bore surface is damaged. Replace the damaged ring, replace the cylinder or piston 3. Valve yo impurities stuck to the core clear impurities Replace the damaged valve 4. Manually handle the actuator handle is in the manual position to pull the handle to the pneumatic automatic position 5. Tube Correct, squish, correct, or replace the tubing 6. The media or ambient temperature is too low, causing the tubing to freeze. Even if the condensation of water, additional water removal equipment Pneumatic valve slow crawling 1. Air pressure is not enough to increase the air pressure, gas tank set to reduce the pressure on the way. 2. The flow is not enough or at the same time there are other large gas consumption of the installation of additional gas tank, additional air compressor to reduce pressure changes 3. Pneumatic actuator torque is too small to increase the size of the actuator 4. Valve load is too large, the valve Spool or other valve assembly too tight unreasonable. Re-fitting, adjusting the valve torque 5. Large changes in cylinder friction for proper lubrication Other failures 1. Valve action began to beat, the load is too large Increase the size of the actuator 2. Valve beating the end of the action, action too fast, the inertia energy is too large Additional speed control valve or external buffer back signal no signal signal power line, short circuit, open circuit 1. Maintenance of the power line 2. Re-adjust the cam to the correct position 3. Replace the micro switch

Seamless Fluid Tube

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