Plastic Manufacturers 2016 New Design PPR Male Union PPR Male Thread Brass Union

Model NO.: PPR pipe fittigs
Mqq: 10 Cartons
Trademark: SAM-UK
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: 20~110mm
Origin: China(Mainland)
HS Code: 39174000


plastic manufacturers 2016 new design ppr male union ppr male thread brass union

Color: Green or gray
MQQ: 10 ctns / piece
S20*3/8F 40 48*23.5*23.5 400
S20*1/2F 45 48*23.5*23.5 400
S20*3/4F 60 48*23.5*23.5 250
S25*1/2F 46 48*23.5*23.5 300
S25*3/4F 63 48*23.5*23.5 280
S32*1/2F 50 48*23.5*23.5 220
S32*3/4F 66 48*23.5*23.5 200
S32*1"F 100 48*23.5*23.5 160
S40*11/4F 175 48*23.5*23.5 80
S50*11/2F 195 48*23.5*23.5 72
S63*2F 325 48*23.5*23.5 36
S75*2 1/2F 580 48*23.5*23.5 24
S90*3F 880 48*23.5*23.5 14
S110*4F 930 48*23.5*23.5 10
 Plastic Manufacturers 2016 New Design PPR Male Union PPR Male Thread Brass Union
1. SAM-UK PPR pure raw material, there is no pungent smell when they are connected. It only produce carbon dioxide and water after combustion.
2. Product advantages: Light material ; good temperature and pressure stability; safe connection, reliable and convenient performance, ; small friction in pipe system; good hydraulic conditions; healthy performance, no odor, environmental and healthy; excellent noise insulation and chemical resistance.
Plastic Manufacturers 2016 New Design PPR Male Union PPR Male Thread Brass Union
pipeline connection technology:
Since the outermost layer of PP-R pipe materials, high-performance fiber composite pipe PP-R pipe fittings available hot-melt socket connection forming a pipeline system. When connected, requiring melt temperature reached to 260 degrees Celsius, pipe and fittings for surface cleaning after a suitable time while heating the fuser and can be plugged low melt connection cost, simple operation, safe and reliable.It can effectively prevent the occurrence of junction leakage.
 Plastic Manufacturers 2016 New Design PPR Male Union PPR Male Thread Brass Union
special reminder:
Pipe and fittings are used for the connection,which are provided by "SAM-UK". Because different manufacturers may differ from the choice of materials. So it is unable to be guaranteed the quality of the welding connection. Strongly recommended to use special hot-melt welding equipment with temperature control, to prevent welding too hot or too cold, which may affect the quality of welding.
Plastic Manufacturers 2016 New Design PPR Male Union PPR Male Thread Brass Union
SAM-UK PPR pipe, Green, safe and reliable 
Mainly our raw materials are imported.And our products are manufactured by professional equipment. Professional design and every detail of pipe fittings, piping system,we keep each step. They are safe, secure, reliable and effective solution to the hidden home improvement project;they are easy to leak pipes, burst pipes and other hazards.
Production process and line control
Plastic Manufacturers 2016 New Design PPR Male Union PPR Male Thread Brass Union
Orderly management workshop
Plastic Manufacturers 2016 New Design PPR Male Union PPR Male Thread Brass Union
Hydrostatic pressure test
During our decoration, after the completion of welding pipes,we need inspect the quality of pipes, that is we often say the pressure test. The construction of pipes belongs to hidden works in the decoration. Once hidden engineering problems appear, the consequences is incalculable. If the pipe is buried in the ground or floor tiles, the cost of reconstruction will be quite large.
1. Pipes installed, the appearance check is qualified, then the pressure test can be carried out;
2. hot melt or fused connection pipe, the hydrostatic test after 24 hours of the connection;
3. Medium is clean water at room temperature. When in a large system, it can be layered, parted to test the pressure.
Water pressure / method:
1. The hot and cold water connected together by hose. Then hot and cold water forms a ring, pressure testing device connected to any outlet,the pressure pointer is 0. When all the water pipelines installed, the the pressure test could begin. To block all of the plugs and close the water inlet valve manifold before the test.
2. When we do the test, shake the jack lever until the gauge pointer around 0.9-1.0, it is also said that the present pressure is three times than the normal water pressure.
3.Keep this pressure value for a certain time, Different time ,the water load time is different, PPR, aluminum PPR, PPR and other steel-plastic pipe welding time is 30 minutes. Aluminum pipe, that's also the galvanized pips, it needs 4 hours.
PPR pipeline construction safety:
1.PPR pipe cross resistance to ultraviolet radiation, not suitable for outdoor surface mounted installation. If they really need, you need to take shielding measures.
2. PPR pipe's low temperature impact resistance is poor, it should be vent pipes to prevent freezing, swelling
and crack the pipes in winter.
3. Waterproof toilet area, often using asphalt and other petrochemical substances. When it is doing waterproof needs shelter on pipeline protection.

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