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There are various types of mattresses, and different mattresses have their own characteristics to meet different needs of consumers in all aspects. Recently, memory foam mattresses have been favored by many consumers, and they have occupied a part of the mattress market. , What are the advantages and disadvantages of that memory foam mattress ? How to buy memory foam mattress ? Xiao Bian take you to understand the characteristics of memory foam mattress.

Memory cotton originated from NASA's efforts to prevent astronauts from entering space and re-entering the Earth and were injured by the impact of changes in atmospheric pressure. Scientists have developed special materials that can absorb the tremendous pressure generated during the astronauts.


Memory foam mattresses

1, easy to allergy memory cotton mattress big secret, bear the brunt of it's allergic. Every type of mattress we use, even if the price is more expensive and the material is pure, there is no guarantee that it is completely free of allergens.

2. High temperature in summer When we use it in summer, in the absence of air conditioning in the room, the temperature of the memory foam mattress will increase with the body temperature of the human body, and continue to save heat energy, so that our users often feel that the temperature is too late at night. High and overheated!

3, temperature-controlled high memory foam mattress is like our gum objects, when the heat becomes soft, soft, but in case of cold, it will become hard, there is no elasticity and feel jerky, comfort will obviously Was lowered.

4, expensive In the style and brand does not pay attention to the next, a memory foam mattress is priced from two thousand to three thousand or so, if like some of the high-end brands and the latest styles and features, this type of Memory foam mattress prices have at least doubled.

Memory foam mattress advantages

1, low resilience Lying on the top can quickly eliminate fatigue, the mattress itself is completely suitable for the body curve, relax muscle tension. Low resilience means that the mattress will not rebound immediately after lying down, but it can be fixed in one place and is relatively stable.

2, suction pressure buffer Memory cotton can absorb the body's weight distribution and weight, effectively relieve the pressure generated when the body and the mattress contact, to support the weight of the body and prevent waist injury effects.

3. If you turn over without interference with your partner, if one of them turns over more frequently, it may affect the other. The unique shock-absorbing characteristics of memory cotton make it possible to sleep without interfering with each other and provide real good. The quality of sleep.

4, antibacterial anti-mildew mining completely antibacterial treatment, dust-free particles can achieve true anti-bacterial, antimony dust, mildew.

5, the memory of the appropriate location can be with the body's weight distribution and body pressure, memory out of place, with everyone's different needs, to provide their own most comfortable fit sleep enjoyment.


How to choose memory foam mattress

De Gaulle Xiaobian thinks that the density of a good memory foam material should be uniform. This is because good mattresses are molded once by using a mold. The manufacturing technology under this density is very complicated. Only large factories can use advanced equipment to achieve this. Therefore, the real memory foam mattresses are expensive, while the high-grade raw materials also exacerbate the high prices.

High density is one of the most easily distinguishable characteristics of good memory cotton materials. Density has a great influence on the performance of memory foam, and is directly proportional to the cost of product production. The heavier it is, the more expensive it is, and the better the general performance is. You should feel heavy in your hands. The touch surface is very soft and elastic, similar to the pudding jelly touch, press hard, 3 - 5 seconds is the best mattress rebound time.

But the price is another manifestation of quality. Many false-memory cotton mattresses harden and stiffen in less than a year. Good-quality memory foams keep at least 5 years without losing their shape. At the same time, the quality memory cotton material should be safe and odorless, without any harm to the human body. If the mattress has a strong odor, it may be added chemicals that are harmful to the human body. You must be careful when purchasing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the memory foam mattress ? Did you understand? If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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