How to construct epoxy floor paint for epoxy floor paint

Everyone knows the epoxy floor paint? I don’t know much about it because it is not commonly used in our homes. It is usually an underground parking lot, a large stadium, an amusement park, etc. Oxygen floor paint, then how to apply epoxy floor paint? What are the precautions for the use of epoxy floor paint? If you want to know, let's take a look at the small series of the decoration home network.


First, how to build epoxy floor paint

1. Clean and inspect the substrate: After cleaning the base surface, check whether the substrate has cracks or empty shells. If it is, it must be deep-cut and cleaned and filled with epoxy resin mortar. Since the epoxy resin is not water-proof, it is processed. Only dry treatment can be carried out in the process, and it is not possible to brutally beat when cleaning, so as not to knock the grassroots layer on the loose side;

2. Use the professional Fischer heavy-duty T1 grinding machine to grind the dust, hollow drum and the whole ground milling machine to a relatively flat level and then polish the ground with a professional dust-free grinding machine to clean and vacuum. Use KETCHDPB Philippine environmental protection flat primer to penetrate the bottom; epoxy resin batch soil coating: after the mortar layer is solidified, scrape the epoxy batch soil 2 times, close the sand hole and pores, polish the putty and vacuum clean;

3. On-site cleaning and maintenance, floor maintenance: After the surface coating is completed, the relevant construction materials and tools will be removed from the site, and the finish will be sealed and sealed to complete the finish. At least 48 hours before the person can enter the walk. It is not allowed to bring in sediment. It takes 7 days for the paint film to completely cure. During the construction period, other construction, handling and installation should be avoided.


Second, epoxy floor paint construction points

1. Firstly, the substrate is a good guarantee for the coating work of good epoxy floor paint. We recommend that our technical experts go to the site to guide the construction when the floor is painted, so as to avoid the poor effect of the substrate. Oxygen floor paint is not effective.

2. After construction, the construction technician should confirm whether there are obvious defects such as scratches, pores, granules, orange peel, whether there are color unevenness and other film defects, whether the color is the same as the sample, whether there is any color difference, and whether the film is on the film. Harden according to normal rules (use nails to make a simple judgment).

3. When looking for construction personnel, personnel - must carry out post technical training for each construction personnel. Scientific construction steps of epoxy floor. All construction personnel should master the technical indicators and construction methods familiar with the construction process, absolutely not allowed. Blind construction, barbaric operation, especially when applying topcoat, must have more than three years of work experience.

In many places, you can see the epoxy floor paint, then how to construct the epoxy floor paint and what are the main points of its construction, read the introduction of the above small series, everyone knows about these, then if If you want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe. .

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