What is the working principle of dynamic pressure bearings?

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What is the working principle of dynamic pressure bearings?

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The principle of hydrostatic bearing: the journal and the bearing are completely separated by the bearing medium of the constant pressure supplied from the outside; then the relative conflict between the journal and the bearing is reduced; the composition of the dielectric film is not restricted by the relative sliding speed; (including zero speed); have a large load capacity.
According to the medium is different; static pressure bearings can be divided into hydrostatic bearings; gas static pressure bearings.
The spindle float is the hydraulic pressure formed by the pressure oil entering the oil chamber and the balance of the spindle or load; the displacement value of the spindle float.
The hydrostatic bearing is an oil film bearing that uses an external oil source to carry the bearing capacity. The dynamic pressure hybrid bearing is a new multi-oil wedge oil film bearing that not only summarizes the advantages of hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearings, but also overcomes the two defects. The principle of saving the hydrostatic bearing is used; the large enough static bearing capacity is generated in the pressure oil chamber; then the dry conflict caused by the hydrodynamic bearing starting and stopping is overcome to form the bearing and bearing wear appearance; the main shaft and the bearing are improved The service life and precision persistence, the bearing oil chamber mostly adopts the shallow cavity layout; after the spindle is started; the dynamic pressure bearing capacity and the static pressure bearing capacity formed by the shallow cavity step effect are superimposed, which greatly improves the bearing capacity of the spindle, and more The cavity-opposed layout greatly increases the rigidity of the spindle, the homogenization effect of the high-pressure oil film and the outstanding anti-vibration function, ensuring the spindle has high rotation precision and work stability. Currently, in the transformation of the old fine grinding equipment, More is the wmb-type external liquid-saving dynamic pressure hybrid bearing of Beijing AVIC Equipment Reconstruction Factory.
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