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Selection methods for imported bearing types and varieties

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When selecting imported bearings, the time should be based on the scale of the imported bearings; specifications; and the speed, etc. to select whether the imported bearings can fit our mechanical application range; the following is a brief analysis:
The first is; the constraints of scale.
Generally imported bearings can be constrained by the space of the equipment. In most cases; the shaft diameter (or the inner diameter of the imported bearing) is based on the mechanical depiction or other depiction of the constraints. Therefore, the selection of the type and size of the imported bearings is based on the imported bearings. The inner diameter of the resolution. Thus; the primary scale of the standard imported bearings are compiled according to the international standard internal diameter scale.
The standard method for standardizing imported bearings is complicated; the most standard imported bearings are used in the description of mechanical equipment (this describes whether the imported bearings can be simply acquired; here is a topic; some types of imported bearing catalogues do exist; but Some non-standard imported bearings are not in stock in mainland China; some time-divided futures will be very long; so in the selection of imported bearings, we must consider the cost of the time and the cost of the later replacement) the load of the imported bearings; the load applied to the imported bearings; Its nature, size, and direction are variable. Generally; the extra fundamental load appears on the scale, but the axial load and radial load, etc.; is also an important factor in selecting suitable imported bearings. When the ball and needle The dimensions of the bearings are the same; the needle-injected bearings generally have a high load and can accept large oscillations and shock loads.
Followed by; speed.
The speed of the promise is based on the type of imported bearings; scale; accuracy; cage type; load; smooth method; and cooling method and other factors. The imported bearing table lists the specified speed of the imported bearings in the oil smooth and grease smooth allowable speed General; deep groove ball bearings, active self-aligning ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for high-speed work.
Once again; imported bearings are public service.
The dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy of imported bearings are based on ISO and JIS specifications. For high-precision and high-speed machines, it is recommended to use imported bearings with 5 or higher precision; deep groove ball bearings, radial thrust ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings. It is suitable for high working precision machinery. Rigidity; when the rolling bearing and raceway contact surface of the imported bearing is pressed; elastic deformation will occur. Some mechanical requirements will reduce the elastic deformation. The roller bearing is more than the ball bearing. The elastic shape variable is small.
In some cases, the imported bearings are to be pre-stressed to add rigidity. This procedure is generally used for deep groove ball bearings, radial thrust ball bearings and tapered roller bearings inner and outer ring offset; shaft tortuosity; shaft or imported bearings Box public service change; cooperation fault will lead to the pain of the inner and outer circle. To avoid excessive pain point; active self-aligning ball bearing; active spherical roller bearing; or self-aligning bearing seat is a better choice. Torque; Rolling bearings are produced according to high-precision specifications; therefore, the sound and torque are small. Deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for occasions with low noise and low torque.
Equipment and disassembly; in some occasions, the requirements are often disassembled and equipment; to ensure that the inspection and repair can be carried out regularly. The inner and outer rings can be separated from the imported bearings of the equipment such as: cylindrical bearings; needle bearings; and tapered bearings are very suitable for this. Occasionally, the tapered self-aligning ball bearing and the active spherical roller bearing are assisted by the bushing; the same simplifies the equipment program.

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