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Analysis: oil-free smooth bearing application features

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Oil-free self-smooth bearing foreign scale; also known as composite bearing, oil-free sliding bearing, self-smooth bearing, etc. This series of products is based on high-quality low-carbon steel plate; center sintered spherical bronze powder; externally rolled PTFE and lead a mixture of rolled bearings that can be used in various mechanical sliding parts; such as gear pumps, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, printing presses, textile machines, tobacco machines, exercise machines, hydraulic pallet trucks, micromotors , automobiles, motorcycles and agricultural and forestry machinery; its adaptability, wear resistance and economy; trust will become a professional leading product in the near future.
The characteristics and advantages of oil-free smooth bearings are:
1, no oil smooth or less oil smooth; suitable for places that can not be refueled or difficult to refuel; can be used without protection or less protection.
2, there is excessive elastoplasticity; can spread the stress on the wider touch surface; improve the bearing capacity of the bearing.
3, good wear resistance; conflict coefficient. Lemon 倜.
4, in the operation process can constitute a handling film; to ensure the effect of the grinding axis; no bite axis appearance.
5. Near the static motion conflict coefficient; can eliminate the flaw at low speed; then ensure the accuracy of the machine operation.
6, can make machinery reduce oscillation, reduce noise, avoid pollution; improve working conditions.
7, thin wall layout, light weight; can reduce the mechanical volume.
8. The hardness requirement of the grinding shaft is low; the shaft without the quenching and tempering can be used; then the processing difficulty of the associated parts is reduced.
9, steel reverse side can be plated with a variety of metals; can be used in corrosive media.
The gap smooth bearing series has a smooth bearing; it is said to be foreign. The product is based on steel plate and sintered spherical tin bronze powder as the center layer; the outer surface is modified with polyoxymethylene and has oil storage pit; the rolled bearing is rolled. Appearance plastic thickness is 0. 5mm; it has good wear-resisting function; it can work normally under the condition of low oil or gap oil cut. It is suitable for working under normal temperature conditions and low speed and heavy load; instead of traditional copper sleeve; The cost of decline extends the life.
Application features:
1, good carrying; excellent wear resistance.
2. It is suitable for rotating motion, shaking motion under high load and low speed, and frequently opening and closing under load, which is not easy to form a fluid dynamic smooth.
3, in the smooth conditions of the gap can not be protected for a long time; and the oil in the layer to make the bearing life is longer.
4. The outer plastic layer can leave a certain margin during processing and molding; it can be processed by itself after being pressed into the seat hole; in order to reach a better installation scale.
5. The product is mainly used in automobile chassis, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hydraulic machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, steel rolling equipment, etc.
Solid inlaid self-smooth bearing series solid inlaid self-smooth bearing series; it is to make a fine and appropriate hole in the metal collision surface of the bearing base; then embed a solid solid with a common self-smooth function in the hole Self-smooth bearing made of agent. The bearing summarizes the advantages of the metal matrix and the unique formula smooth material; breaks through the limitations of the normal bearing relying on the smoothness of the oil film; uniquely suitable for oil-free, high temperature, high load, low speed, anti- Stain, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation; and under the unique conditions of water or vacuum solution moisturizing and the foundation can not add smooth oil film. This product is widely used in metallurgical rolling equipment, filling equipment, hydraulic turbines, steam turbines, instrumentation and mines. Equipment, ship machinery, textile machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace sails, etc.; also applicable to general construction machinery.
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