What is the disadvantage of the automatic toilet?

The toilet is now everywhere in our daily life, and it is also a sanitary ware that we can't live without. With the development of technology, the toilet has also developed rapidly, and a fully automatic toilet has been developed. Now let ’s take a look at the automatic toilet lid and what are the shortcomings of the automatic toilet!

Is the automatic toilet lid good? 1, button operation, simple and fast

As long as you lightly press the button on the toilet lid, it will automatically replace the toilet paper. You no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of finding out of paper after going to the toilet, and a layer of film will be added automatically after you finish. Completely isolated from the cushion, very clean and hygienic.

Automatic toilet seat is ok 2. Reduce costs, save energy and save money

Every time a normal toilet changes a person to use the toilet, it is necessary to change the tissue to cushion the toilet, or to clean it with water, which is not only very troublesome, but also produces unnecessary waste, and the effect is not ideal, but it is used After the automatic toilet lid, these problems can be easily solved, which can be said to save money, effort and worry.

How about the automatic toilet lid? 3. Protect the environment and recycle resources

The used fully automatic toilet cover (toilet set) can be reused in industry and agriculture again, so that it will not cause pollution to the environment, and there will be no waste of resources. It can be said that it is completely in line with the current environmental protection. The fashion trend.

What are the disadvantages of the automatic toilet:

1. Poor versatility

Because the cover plate of the automatic toilet cover is designed to be U-shaped or square, but most of the toilets we use are arc-shaped, so the automatic toilet cover cannot be applied to most toilets. Sometimes it is used for If you put on a fully automatic toilet lid, you need to replace a toilet, which makes the universal toilet lid less versatile.

2. Maintenance cost

The reason why the fully automatic toilet cover has these powerful functions is because of the high-tech design. Although these components can provide a lot of convenience, but if there is a problem, it is more troublesome to repair, and the cost of repair is generally Relatively high, if the core components are damaged, the cost is higher.

3. The operation panel is complicated

Although the operation method of the automatic toilet lid is simple, its operation panel is relatively responsible. If there are elderly and children at home, it is not recommended to buy it, because it is still difficult for them, and frequent operation errors are likely to cause Failure of the system affects the service life.

Editor's summary: The above is all the content that the editor shared about the automatic toilet cover and what are the disadvantages of the automatic toilet. It is very necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic toilet before buying. Some families are suitable for use, and some families are not suitable. It is not wrong to understand in advance.

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