Mi Weisi Technology launched a portable 3D scanner, used comfortable products

China Hardware Business Network Shenzhen Miweisi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014-12-04. After rapid development, it has developed into a large-scale and effective portable 3D scanner x3d7cd2n, a large object 3D scanner company. It is a Chinese business service and IT software service. , One of the benchmark enterprises in the technical hardware and equipment industry.

Shenzhen Miweisi Technology Co., Ltd. insists on continuous technological innovation to continuously create Miweisi technology value for our customers. Mi Weisi Technology has branches in Jiangxi Province, Hunan Province, Xinyu City, Xinyu City and other places, nearly 51-100 people are focused on the innovative development of the industry of the brand of the camera-type 3D scanner; The innovative and practical ability of the affordable handheld 3D scanner has won the trust and cooperation of our customers. Details of extension and expansion: In order to meet market demands, manufacturers need to quickly upgrade their design and manufacturing technologies. From product design to production completion, the traditional method of making shoe molds is that it is easy to cause mold mismatch, and second, it is not able to accurately describe the pattern, which affects the mold delivery time, mold acceptance and normal production, which in turn affects corporate reputation. . Hualang 3D applies advanced and fast 3D scanners and 3D detection technology to the design and development of soles, heels and shoe lasts to help shoe manufacturers and shoe mold manufacturers enter a new era of shoe design. Design and reverse design of shoe lasts and shoe molds: Quickly obtain 3D models of manual shoe molds can be used in software design to speed up the design process. Quickly obtain the three-dimensional scan data of shoe last for reverse design. The traditional production method is to use a measuring tool to measure and manually convert from 2D drawings to 3D drawings, which takes a long time and has low production efficiency.It cannot guarantee real-time update of the foot 3D model.For the increasingly hot custom shoe industry, it has been Unable to meet development needs. Using the shoe mold 3D scanner, the manual shoe mold can be quickly scanned in 3D to quickly obtain the point cloud data on the surface of the object. After processing, the CAD 3D data model can be obtained, allowing the designer to easily design the shoe last. Effectively reduce the construction period, greatly improving the production efficiency of the shoe industry. The advantages of shoe mold 3D scanner: fast scanning speed, short time, very suitable for mass production mold scanning work. The camera-type 3D scanner adopts a portable design, which can scan large and small molds at any time, and the speed of acquiring point clouds is extremely fast. Compared with laser scanning, it has the disadvantage of dead angle. The 3D scanner can ensure the integrity of the scanned data.

The integrity, strength and product quality of Shenzhen Miweisi Technology Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business. For more details, please visit: China Hardware Business Network
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'Mi Weisi Technology launched a portable 3D scanner, used popular products

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