The water-saving label of the bathroom is like a toilet. It is not a small amount of water.

Nowadays, although most of the sanitary products are labeled with “water-saving labels”, many products are unilaterally pursuing water-saving functions, and the performance is still to be discussed. At present, there are more and more consumers interested in water saving, but most consumers do not have a clear understanding of the performance of the product. "The better the toilet with less water consumption" has become the mindset of many people.

In response to the growing water-saving misunderstandings in the market, some industry professionals said: "Sanitary products are a versatile overall product. The convenience of use, the thoroughness of cleaning, and the aesthetics of appearance are all important to evaluate the quality of a sanitary product. The lack of factors, the bathroom is not the more water-saving, the overall performance must be considered." Bath products can not be determined from the amount of water to determine whether it is energy-saving, should consider the relationship between products and building construction, such as deodorant anti-blocking, flush rate, Specific performance such as scouring distance.

Energy conservation and environmental protection has always been the theme of the sanitary ware industry. Especially in the context of energy conservation and emission reduction, consumers are increasingly demanding energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. For consumers of bathroom hardware, many people no longer regard price as a priority purchase consideration factor, such as product style, quality, environmental protection, etc. have become the focus of purchase.

At present, some domestic hardware companies have gradually developed from processing enterprises into independent innovation-type high value-added enterprises, positioning themselves in "internationalization, specialization, technology-oriented, market-oriented", mainly in export trade. Hardware suppliers should also pay more attention to brand building and technological innovation, and take a new world in the context of expanding domestic demand.

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