Schneider Electric Launches New Medium Voltage Drive

December 16, 2013 - Recently, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management specialist, introduced an upgraded version of Altivar? The 1200 (ATV1200) medium voltage drive expands the existing Altivar drive lineup.

On December 16, 2013, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management specialist, introduced an upgraded version of the Altivar1200 (ATV1200) medium voltage drive to expand the product line of the original Altivar drive. The product's capacity is up to 16,200kVA. It is mainly used in the frequency control of fans, pumps, conveyors, compressors and other equipment to optimize equipment performance, improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and is bound to become an industrial user to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. A good helper.

As we all know, motors are widely used as power consumers because they cover a wide range of industries, various types, and amazing energy consumption. In August this year, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed at the press conference of the National Motor Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan that China’s motor capacity is approximately 1.7 billion kilowatts, annual power consumption is approximately 3 trillion kilowatt-hours, and motor power consumption accounts for 64% of China’s electricity consumption. %, accounting for 75% of the total industrial electricity consumption, and the overall operating efficiency is low, becoming the industry with the greatest potential for energy saving. The use of variable frequency speed control technology to improve the efficiency of motor operation has become a widely recognized energy-saving approach in the industry, especially in the petroleum and chemical industries where motor transmission equipment is widely used. Faced with the scarcity of energy, rising costs and the need for sustainable manufacturing, the Twelfth Five-Year Plan clearly proposes the acceleration of the application of frequency-conversion speed control technology. Incentive policies have brought more development opportunities for inverter companies, indicating medium-voltage inverters. The good momentum of development. With the increasing use of frequency converters in places where construction machinery, mining machinery, tunnel construction machinery, ships and other space are small, high temperature, high humidity, and high dust, environmental protection and high-efficiency inverters are required to respond to harsh industrial environments.

Mr. Hu Xiao, Director of Schneider Electric's China Inverter Marketing Department, said: Small, lightweight, high-performance, multi-functional and pollution-free are the development direction of the inverter. The upgraded version of the ATV1200 drive features strong performance, improved energy efficiency, dual savings in installation and maintenance costs and energy costs, and is in line with the trend of green, efficient, and sustainable development, which helps to further optimize Schneider Electric's energy efficiency management solutions.

The new version of ATV1200 inverter has been optimized and upgraded on the basis of the original product: all functions are integrated in one cabinet, compact design, flexible operation and easy maintenance; non-harmonic input and output, clean and environmental protection; multi-level serial technology, integration Input transformer, efficient drive, stable and reliable.

Compact and flexible design

The new version of the ATV1200 drive is integrated in a compact, rugged cabinet that saves valuable space. It is easy to install, enables quick commissioning and configuration, and integrates seamlessly with the customer's existing equipment, reducing installation and maintenance costs. The inverter adopts a well-proven low-voltage IGTB cell series core technology, which can complete the replacement of the power battery within minutes without affecting the production process while the motor is kept on; the operator can also perform the transformer and control unit from the front of the cabinet. Easy maintenance, with a high degree of flexibility.

Reliable and environmentally friendly

The new version of the ATV1200 drive is even higher in terms of environmental protection and reliability. It adopts a clean and friendly design, provides multi-level output, and outputs current/voltage with a perfect sinusoidal waveform, greatly reducing the mechanical vibration of bearings and blades, effectively preventing overheating of equipment, excessive noise, electromagnetic pollution, and making the frequency converter operate stably. ,Green.

The transformer integrated in this product has 19 levels of modulatable pulse width to facilitate on-demand adjustment, minimizing switching surges, reducing the adverse effects of large current surges on the grid, and avoiding wear of critical mechanical components such as motor bearings. At the same time, it reduces the excess energy consumption of the start-up current and saves energy costs. The motor cable does not require an output filter within 2 km and has good electromagnetic interference suppression capability.

In addition, the high-power harmonic input current, the inverter efficiency of up to 98.5%, improve the energy efficiency; the inverter does not require external power supply to achieve efficient cooling; IP31, IP41 and IP42 protection to ensure that the inverter A variety of demanding environments, a wide range of applications.


The new ATV1200 drive integrates a variety of functions, with perfect sine wave, no harmonic input and output, top fan design, efficient cooling, easy operation, and simplified on-site integration. The product is also equipped with a series of standard configurations, such as safety interlock system, security screws, internal lighting, user-friendly human-machine touch large screen, UPS power supply can maintain the control unit up to 30 minutes of continuous operation, protect the motor and The equipment runs smoothly and reduces energy costs.

The design and production of the new ATV1200 inverter follow the concept of green environmental protection. Through the optimization and upgrading of the structure and performance, it further meets the customer's demand for energy saving and space saving, and becomes Schneider Electric's follow-up market trend, committed to technological innovation. New work.

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management specialist, provides total solutions for energy and infrastructure, industrial, data center and networking, and building and residential markets in more than 100 countries, including energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation and data centers. Markets such as the Internet are in the leading position in the world, and they also have strong market capabilities in residential applications. Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly energy, Schneider Electric's sales in 2011 were 31 billion US dollars (22.4 billion euros) and had more than 130,000 employees. Schneider Electric helps you - use its effectiveness and enjoy it!

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