There are two sides to the self-sacrificing mind, while facing the worldly life.

It makes people more enamored to cover up their own friendship impulses, because once this impulse is found in personal life, individuals are often full of fear when facing society, a phenomenon that is particularly prevalent in the UK. People desperately suppress themselves and prevent themselves from being hurt too much. They do their best to focus their feelings on themselves. Whether they like it or not, as long as they don't intend to deceive you selfishly, they will act in your own way. They are rigid and dogmatic, weak and timid, passive and passive. They were covered in a special armor to hide the frightened children. As a result, social interactions have become cumbersome and boring, friendships have disappeared in their lives, and love has become a grey shade of what it should have. People like to quote a sentence from Browning:

Thank God, you created this hard-to-servate guy. There are two sides to the heart, while facing the worldly life and showing off to his beloved woman.

I am not a psychoanalyst, but I think if I am, I can discuss Brown's gratitude. The soul he used to face the worldly life is this: he feels that he can open up the wilderness of this life without fear of being hurt; there is no ridicule and no painful knowledge. The other side of his mind, the side that shows off to his beloved woman, contains all the vanity, conceit and rhetoric. Once he faces the man in the same club, he will never dare to show off. The latter side is the same as the previous one, and it is the result of fear, because the former side prevents any fresh breath from entering its self-frame, and unless it is touted, the soul is not allowed to enter it. The outside world is pale and bleak, and the inner world is self-sufficient. This is not the situation that interpersonal relationships should have. Interpersonal relationships should be free and spontaneous. The vanity should be a little less, and the heart should be lighter. The habit of self-restraint is not only easy to make self-deception secretly breeding, but also greatly reduces the energy for the good side by wasting a lot of energy on the protection of purely negative self-image. This habit has a bigger flaw. That is, it makes people more enamored to cover up their own impulses of friendship, because once this impulse is discovered, it makes them feel very vulnerable. The short-term monotonous dullness and long-term ideological rigidity are the result of this social fear.
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