Five advantages of new FRP energy-saving doors and windows

FRP energy-saving doors and windows are a new high-tech product category. It is a new type of building door and window with green energy-saving and environmental protection performance after wood doors and windows, steel structure doors and windows, aluminum structure doors and windows and plastic steel (PVC+ steel lining) doors and windows. Compared with traditional doors and windows, it has green environmental protection, beautiful and durable, sealed and soundproof. , insulation and energy saving advantages.

Its performance is as follows:


FRP itself has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity. In addition, it adopts 3.2+9.6A+3.2 tempered insulating glass, and the heat transfer coefficient of FRP window reaches K=2.2w/m2k. If low-emission (LOW-E) glass is used, it can reach K=1.8w/m2k or less.

2. Wind pressure resistance

With the acceleration of the process of urbanization construction in China, the number of high-rise buildings has increased significantly, and the safety requirements for building windows have become higher and higher, and its anti-wind pressure capability is particularly prominent. Due to the good bending strength of the FRP window, the FRP window also has a high wind pressure resistance, and the wind pressure resistance of the 60 casement window reaches 5.3KPa.

3. Air tightness

The FRP window is designed with the principle of equal pressure and the precision of the production is high, so that the airtight performance of the window reaches the highest level in the international level.

4. Water tightness

The FRP window is provided with a drain groove to ensure smooth drainage. In the production, the angle of the group and the quality of the assembly process are strictly controlled, and the corner joints are injected, and all the strips must be firmly connected with the frame to avoid water leakage. The watertight performance of the window reaches the international level 4.

5. Sound insulation

Sound insulation performance is an important indicator for building windows. The use of insulating glass and good sealing performance in the design of the window can effectively prevent the intrusion of noise, and the sound insulation performance of the window can reach 32dB.  

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