How to identify the pros and cons of the key switch load curve meter

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the key switch load curve meter How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the key switch load curve meter At present, there are many suppliers of key switch load curve meter on the market, of course, some are dealers, traders, and some are manufacturers. The price difference is also close to 10,000 yuan. So how can we distinguish the good and bad of the test machine? It is nothing more than three aspects: the accuracy of the data, the protection function of the testing machine and the after-sales service (including upgradeable).
The accuracy of the data requires horizontal and vertical comparison of the test data. First of all, the supplier's test machine is tested under different conditions, especially the test speed (from 10~80mm/min) to verify the same test product. The data difference is not big, it proves that the test machine capture data is stable. Then the same test conditions, different manufacturers test machine test data comparison. This test machine is different from other mechanical testing machines. The quality of the test machine is also very different at different prices, and the test data is also quite different. Often buy low-cost, some test high-tech products test data often differs greatly from the actual data of your product.
It is often reflected in the hand touch value of the button switch, and the inferior load curve meter feels less than 3 points.
The protection function of the test machine is actually a lot of what was said before, that is, the sampling frequency between the program and the hardware (this is a stealth data), which is an important data for the response tester protection in a timely and rapid manner. The reaction is fast and can be stopped quickly when the load is overloaded. This can be observed from the data connection line of the test machine. The sampling rate of multiple pins and multiple wires is definitely higher than that of the simple R232 or usb interface, and the response is fast. Then there is the foolproof protection of the load cell. The insertion and extraction force of our millimeter instrument can exceed 500% protection.
After the after-sales service, the supplier promised that the sensor must be offered within the warranty (special attention to the two words is “active”). Because only the initiative to propose, it means that suppliers have confidence in their sensor protection. Then there is no password control when calibrating. The technology of the load curve meter starts from Japan, then Taiwan, and is the mainland. Machine calibrations in Japan and Taiwan are all released, and the calibration of our millimeter instruments is also released. Only domestic secondary producers will use passwords to control them. The reason for its control is to control the after-sales, so that customers can not find other ** after the insurance. There is no way to ask for the price. After-sales is also reflected in whether the program can be upgraded and modified according to customer requirements. At present, many domestic supplier programs are outsourced and have no development capability.
Therefore, the purchase of a button switch load stroke feel test machine, not only can test the data, but the key is the accuracy of the data. Some customers say: the low end is also suitable for us, no need to buy so good. However, the quality requirements of customers are getting higher and higher with the passage of time, and then the products produced by themselves will also improve the testing requirements. Can't be satisfied afterwards, can you re-purchase?
It is recommended that customers purchase the button switch stroke feel displacement test machine to shop around, not price theory. The reason why our millimeter instrument machine is slightly more expensive is: perfect timely, prompt and free after-sales service, hardware cost is expensive, the company's operating cost is expensive (programming engineer costs, personnel, factory management and other administrative expenses). Have technical problems can consult 15995758658 Wei Jia QQ mailbox [email protected]

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